What is Growth Track

Growth Track is designed so that you can discover your purpose and live out the life that God has designed for you!

Who is Growth Track for?

Everyone! Whether you’re new to Legacy Church or you’ve been with us for a while, Growth Track will give you an intro to our church and an overview of our values and culture while laying out the tools needed for you to discover your purpose.

Church 101
– Learn the spiritual journey God has for each of us to follow Jesus
Essentials 201
– Explore the ministry of Legacy Church and discover your place
Discover 301
– Discover your personality and gifts and see how your design reveals your purpose
Dream Team 401
– Make an impact by living out your purpose and serving others by using your gifts

During these sessions, attendees will be given an opportunity to become a member of Legacy Church.

Registration for the next session will begin soon. Watch for updates in Events.