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Get Out of Your Head

Are your thoughts holding you captive? I’ll never be good enough. Other people have better lives than I do. God couldn’t really love me. Jennie Allen knows what it’s like to swirl in a spiral of destructive thoughts, but she also knows we don’t have to stay stuck in toxic thinking patterns.

This study of Get Out of Your Head will help you:

  • Realize it's possible to take your thoughts captive so you don't have to stay stuck in your head.
  • Stop thinking "I can't do this, I'm not good enough, and I can't change" by learning one practical exercise to help you interrupt negative self-talk.
  • Overcome the battle going on in your mind by getting into community with other women who have fought similar thoughts and will be a safe place for you.
  • Understand your God-given power to stop the spiral of toxic thinking.
  • Discover what kind of life is on the other side of "getting out of your head" through teachings and conversations with Jennie only available through this Online Bible Study.

Tuesday - 7:00 PM
January 23 - February 27