You Are Chosen By The Creator Of The Universe

You Are Chosen By The Creator Of The Universe

Darlene Zschech

Join Legacy Church as we blog through the year using Darlene Zschech’s Jesus Revealed Devotional!

Weeks 13-14 (March 26-April 8, 2017) themes:

*But let’s not forget that we express our holiness by the way we treat those closest to us— our families and our spiritual family in particular.

*Let’s never stop growing more like God as we grow closer to God.

*You are chosen by the Creator of the universe— the One who knows you by name and never forgets you.

*The good news is that when we build our lives around the future God has promised to us, the glorious hope we have in Christ Jesus, our present reality is all the sweeter.

*We show respect to God in our praise and thanksgiving. But we also bring honor to His name by the respect we show to the rightful authorities in our world. He asks us not to judge, but to pray. We can all do that.

*The life of the individual believer, his personal salvation, and personal Christian graces have their being, bloom and fruitage in prayer.

*In this season when the church celebrates Jesus’ mighty work of redemption, let’s not miss the joy of complete obedience to God’s will and plans for our life.

*Even if we aren’t aware of it, when we pour out our heart to Jesus in extravagant love, our deed echoes through eternity.

*If only Judas had comprehended in his heart how good, how merciful, how ready to forgive our Savior is— even toward those who have betrayed Him.

*In a simple meal with His disciples, Jesus offers the wine and bread as symbols of His body and blood so that they— so that we— will never forget His magnificent sacrifice that broke the power of sin in our lives.

*Our words are so important and powerful to shape our lives, but we can’t stop there. Let’s live in the power that Jesus offers us through faith.

*Jesus also teaches us the most important prayer any of us can utter: Your will, O God.

*My dear friends, let’s wake up and draw close to Jesus. The world needs us.

*Selfless and obedient. But always and ever a conqueror. This Jesus, our Savior, defeated death and sin. Now, that’s true strength!