October 7, 2015

“He wakens me morning by morning, He wakens my ear to hear as a disciple (as one who is taught..) Isaiah 50:4

He wakes us up to get to know Him, did you know? Ever had that experience when you awaken in the night (or really early in the morning) for no apparent reason? That’s Him. Get up and go spend time with God!

I’m not an early morning person and never have been. There are those in my family who like getting up early, but I’m rather a night owl myself. However, there is nothing sweeter than the time I get to spend with Jesus early in the mornings, before anyone else is up… before even the sun rises to start the day. Because I am such a sound sleeper and rarely remember dreaming, I consider this a privilege — that He loves me enough to wake me up. As we read above, it’s so we can talk to Him, and learn from Him.

Many may not know how to conduct a personal devotional time. There are as many different ways of having your devotional time as there are people on the planet. The choice is yours.

You might grab your bible and begin reading in the book of John, the salvation book of the New Testament, followed by Romans — just a chapter or so a day. You might also enjoy the structure of reading something from both the Old and New Testaments everyday, along with a Psalm and Proverb. The One Year Bible@ is a great example of this kind of tool. You might follow along with a purchased devotional, like the one Legacy is doing this year as a family, “Trusting God Day by Day” by Joyce Meyer. You can also find free sources on the internet, such as biblegateway.com, which I frequently use to locate passages. The resources are endless! Never before have we lived in a time when there’s been so much spiritual resources at our fingertips.

Whatever you do, try to spend time with Jesus in at least 5/7 day period. Make it fun: go outside or find a special place alone, like your closet. Or go to your car everyday alone to eat lunch and spend time with God.

Also remember to pray and worship before or after you read. This time can include music from your phone or ipod, or your favorite Christian radio program. This can also include your lifting your voice aloud in worship when you’re all alone. A sincere heart in praise to God always gets His attention! You might use the ACTS prayer model (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication), or the Lord’s Prayer Model, the Soaking Model (where you bring your bible and praise music to a comfortable place along with a journal and just listen.) Whatever your fancy, get alone with Him! It’ll change your life! He wakes you up because He loves you and longs for friendship with you.