October 14, 2015

“Up to this time you have not asked a (single) thing in My Name (as presenting all that I AM); but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full and complete.” John 16:4, AMP

Prayer is designed by God. Truly. Man didn’t make this up. God told His people to pray, and throughout scripture He taught them how. But there are some of us who are afraid to ask God for things. We feel we’re unworthy or that we might wear God out, or that He couldn’t possibly have time for us when all the world needs Him so desperately.

I approached God many times just this way. “Lord,” I’d ask, meekly, “If you have time and aren’t too busy, could you…?”

As I grew in God, I learned that He loves for me to bring my stuff to Him. He longs for the sound of my voice. But this is the way I pray now, knowing all He’s done for me and that I can have everything as His child:

“Lord, I want to thank You today that I’m blessed. We’re taken care of, and I praise You that my kids are happy, healthy, anointed, beautiful, and smart. I thank You that You are our provider, not our jobs or our bank account. I thank You that You are with us everywhere we go, because You said you would be. Thank You that You won’t lie to us, and that Your promises remain unchanged. God, I bless You today. All day long You’ve been blessing me, but I take time right now to bless Your beautiful, matchless name. I love You, Lord. Now what can I do for You today, God?” And I pray in the Spirit, in my prayer language.

See the difference? At this point and time, we’re praying daily for many people. We pray, too, for the city of Princeton, Texas — that every knee would bow to Jesus now, before He returns. We regularly do warfare on behalf of those who are coming to Christ.

Now on the rare occasions I actually have a need, I take it to Him boldly, as He told us in scripture we could do (Hebrew 4:16.) “Lord, I thank You that we have everything we need. You are our Shepherd. But I would like gutters for my home, Lord. You see our home, You see we’ve been faithful, and I thank You for our home. It’s lovely, but it came without gutters. I ask You to send money from somewhere, Lord, to help pay for these gutters. Amen.” Three days later we got a check in the mail for $1000, enough for gutters. He’s good!!!

Whatever it is today that is the true cry of your heart (like perhaps a family member coming to Christ,) don’t give up! In the Greek the above passage means to ask, and keep on asking. Seek, and keep on seeking. Knock, and keep on knocking. You will receive. He said you would.