C L E A R  V I S I O N  2 0 2 0

Psalms 22:24 (NLT) For he has not ignored or belittled the suffering of the needy. He has not turned his back on them but has listened to their cries for help.
e can trust Him with our grief, no matter what happens.”  Sometimes we go through very difficult times. Some of those times are when loved ones pass away or leave us.  Most of us have one of these two or even both of these happen in our lives. I don’t know which one is worse and I could argue each side, but what I do know is both are painful.  Each one we hurt and grieve. Many people begin to question or even blame God for what is happening. I don’t want to make this long but think about Mary when Jesus was carrying his cross to be crucified.  I really wonder the thoughts that had to be going through her mind. She knew that God had chosen her to give birth to Jesus and now he is broken and beaten. An angel came to her to confirm and told her not to be afraid.  Now a Roman soldier was whipping Jesus and Mary had to be full of fear. There had to be multiple thoughts, emotions, feelings that Mary was going through at this time. But here is what blows me away, Jesus wasn’t there for Mary because He was there for me.  When Mary was going through what must have been one of her most terrible times, so was Jesus. But when you and I are hurting because someone we love had passed, He is there for us, He knows what it’s like to be separated.  

Pastor John Prom
March 11, 2020