March 4, 2015

“Let not let the sun go down on your wrath…” Ephesians 4:26

We all know what anger is, and most of us deal with it frequently. Anger stems from a feeling that we’ve not been done justly — that something isn’t fair. Some of us may manifest anger by developing a temper, by getting sick, or even dealing with depression — because we’ve internalized that anger.

But God says deal with it! I recently was shown an issue in my life that I thought that I’d dealt with. God began to show me that I was still dealing with anger against a former coworker that I felt had done someone wrong. I’d forgiven that person, so I thought. But I hadn’t.

Anger can sneak back in! But I remind myself that I’m in charge of my emotions; they don’t rule me. No one can make me angry either, unless I choose to let them. Paul says “deal with it.” And deal with it again. Do so quickly — say it aloud, your forgiveness. Then act like that person has done nothing wrong. Forgive completely.

Jesus could’ve come down from that cross over 2000 years ago, and in anger could’ve swept all the Roman guard, the Pharisees, and even Satan himself into the pit. But He did no such thing. He forgave — for alot more offense than I’ve ever been subjected to.

So I forgive, because He forgave me. I make the choice to forgive quickly… not letting even the sunrise come before I’ve made things right with that person.

Jesus, forgive me for my bitterness. I release that person from the offense, and I thank You that as You forgave me, I forgive him/her. Thank Your washing me in your precious blood. I’m clean, I’m forgiven. I’m free. Amen.