Mentoring What to Expect

Even though each Mentor/Mentee relationship is unique, there are some things that are basic for everyone throughout our program.

Basic commitments for the person being mentored are:

Attend Legacy Church on a regular basis

Commit to being mentored for three (3) months (or a specified time)

Meet with your mentor once a week for a minimum of one hour

Complete assignments designed for spiritual growth and accountability

Basic commitments for your mentor are:

She will pray for you and your family on a daily basis

Model her Christian walk

Guide you according to the word of God

Teach you to study and apply God’s word to your life

These are just some of the basic requirements, but there is so much more to our ministry. Your mentor will walk beside you and invest in your life through encouragement, guidance, listening, laughing and loving. Our goal is that you’ll attain spiritual growth through friendship and in turn, will become a mentor/friend to someone else.

If you are seeking this kind of relationship, please fill out and return the questionnaire for women seeking to be mentored (link below) and we’ll go from there. If you would like more information or have further questions, please feel free to email Women’s Ministry Leader, Ps Debbie Prom – or
Ministry Coordinator – Geneva Henexson

Mentee Questionnaire