Mentor Qualifications (1)


Regularly attend Legacy church, and have volunteered for a minimum of six months (or have leaderships approval). Mentors are expected to complete Legacy’s Leadership Training for Small Group Leaders / Mentors.

Have a degree of spiritual maturity which comes from walking with the Lord and learning from Him over time.

Be willing to commit to serving as a mentor for three (3) months. (or Specified Seasonal Session)

Meet with your mentee a minimum of one hour each week.

Attend quarterly meetings for mentors; a maximum of one (1) missed meetings a year.

Be accountable to leadership: Keep leadership informed with weekly email updates, and monthly reports, about what is happening in your mentee’s life, her needs, the goals the two of you are setting, any problems you discern, etc.

Return phone calls from leadership and your mentee as soon as possible

Check your email for information pertaining to mentoring and respond and follow-up in a timely manner

Have a vital relationship with the Lord, maintaining a regular time of prayer and studying His word.

Lead by example in all areas. As a role model, be open and vulnerable as the Holy Spirit leads. Share struggles in your past as well as victories.

Enlist three people willing to commit to intercede in prayer for you and your mentee. Do not reveal your mentee’s real name. Update your intercessors regularly, be sure to protect your mentee’s confidentiality.

Help your mentee grow in Bible knowledge and intimacy with the Lord. Do a Bible study together; set goals. Help her learn what the Bible says about her role as a Christian, a wife, and a mother. Pray for her and her family daily.

Share information about your mentee only with your leaders in the Mentoring Ministry. That means you do not discuss your mentee with other mentors or people you know. (with exception of your intercessors)

Encourage your mentee to get involved in a Life Group and attend classes that will help her grow spiritually and emotionally.  Teach your mentee to give back by volunteering/serving at Legacy Church or the Women’s Ministry.

Be committed to our Mentoring Ministry; knowing that You Make a Difference!

Mentor Application