Ladies, I want to ask if that if you can, please try to make these fall meetings. We’re doing something very different this fall, but something that’s been on my heart for a while now. A few years ago, we did the Beth Moore study, “Praying God’s Word.” This study was conducted totally through FB live, due to the pandemic, and I’d like to ask for your cooperation as we record the prayers together during this session. The tech team will show us how to record these prayers — which are straight from God’s Word — and by Thanksgiving, we’ll each have audio access to these powerful prayers, and the beauty of hearing our sisters praying them.

We’ll open each night with a brief review of the chapter’s contents, then we’ll record the prayers from that chapter and worship together.

Tuesday | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

September 13 – Chapter 1: Overcoming Idolatry
September 27 – Chapter 2: Overcoming Unbelief
October 11 – Chapter 3: Overcoming Pride
October 25 – Chapter 4: Overcoming Deception
November 8 – Chapter 5: Overcoming the Insecurity of Feeling Unloved

These are life-changing scriptures, so plan on joining us. We want all our Legacy women’s voices on these recordings!
You may purchase a book or we’ll have a few extra books available.

Ps Debbie Prom