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Small Group Leadership Training 

Upcoming Training Session – Saturday, August 12, 2017 – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm @ Legacy Church

What’s expected of Legacy Small Group Leaders

Core Values

Commitment to faith statement, leadership and authority of God (Hebrews 13:17)
Consistent in demonstrating a teachable and humble spirit (Philippians 1:3; Romans 12:10)
Call by God to serve and shepherd people.



Expectations are benchmarks that we at Legacy Church expect our Group Leaders to touch on or experience through the scope of group life.

Care  Ensure the relational care of your group members by being actively involved in knowing them personally.
Pray  Make prayer a priority in your small groups, and pray regularly for everyone in your group.
Disciple  Group leaders disciple group members by investing relationally in people, helping them move one step forward in their walk with Christ.
Empower  Provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in which people are able to discover and develop their spiritual gifts, releasing them into ministry.

Ready to get started?

Before leading a Small Group at Legacy Church, we request that you go through our Small Group Leadership Training.  In this short session, you’ll learn the basic information you need to succeed as a Small Group Leader.

If you’re interested in leading a small group at Legacy Church:

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. Attend a training session

If you have questions about becoming a Small Group Leader, please email:
Geneva Henexson –  or
Ps Debbie Prom –

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