The Christian Life is not solitary.  God calls us to live out our lives with Him in the context of relationships – especially those relationships with other Christians.   One of the primary purposes of Legacy’s Life Group structure is to provide a context where we can establish real and lasting relationships.

Relationally, Small Groups provide a context for:

Developing friendships.
Caring for one another with practical help and personal encouragement.
Celebrating joyful occasions and having fun together.
Serving side by side with group members as we seek to serve others.
Encouraging outreach.

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Lead a Group

What’s expected of Legacy Life Group Leaders

Core Values
Commitment to a faith statement, leadership and authority of God (Hebrews 13:17)
Consistent in demonstrating a teachable and humble spirit (Philippians 1:3; Romans 12:10)
Call by God to serve and shepherd people.
Expectations are benchmarks that we at Legacy Church expect our Group Leaders to touch on or experience through the scope of group life.
Care – Ensure the relational care of your group members by being actively involved in knowing them personally.
Pray – Make prayer a priority in your small groups, and pray regularly for everyone in your group.
Disciple – Group leaders disciple group members by investing relationally in people, helping them move one step forward in their walk with Christ.
Empower –  Provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in which people are able to discover and develop their spiritual gifts, releasing them into ministry.

Life Group Leaders must apply and be accepted by the leadership at Legacy Church before leading a group. Once accepted, each leader will go through a training session that is geared to help them succeed as Life Group Leaders.

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