Debbie Prom


Debbie Prom
Worship Leader

Hometown: Magnolia, Arkansas

D.O.B: December 22

Favorite Bible Verse: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

Ministry Goals: Plant more Legacies, Leave more Legacies

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Book: The Bible, Pride and Prejudice

Family: John, Jaxon, Jadyn

Hobbies: Music & Reading

Have you ever eaten a crayon? Nope

Least Favorite Color: Yellow

Most memorable moment: John proposing

Favorite Meal: Oatmeal
Dessert: Yep, always

Last Movie You Watched: When the Game Stands Tall

Favorite Vegetable: Beans- any kind

Shoe Size: 9

Most Intriguing Fact You Know: If the earth weren’t tilted on its axis, all of us would suffer… In fact we’d probably not be here. If the earth were tilted just one degree one way, conditions on parts of the planet would be so cold as to be totally inhabitable; and if if the planet were tilted one degree the other way, conditions would be too hot to sustain life. Without the axial tilt, we’d have no seasons and therefore no way to grow food. I love seasons! Don’t worry – He’s got us in His hands. God gives us seasons in His mercy – so we may sow and reap. That’s legacy.

John Prom

Lead Pastor

Patrick Falcon

Youth Leader

Danielle Jenkins

Legacy Kidz Leader