July 1, 2015

“For the thing which I greatly fear comes upon me, and that of which I am afraid befalls me.” Job 3:25

I like what Joyce has to say about this passage (p.217-218 in “Trusting God Day by Day”):
“I don’t think this scripture means that every time you have a fearful thought in your mind, the thing you fear will happen. But if you get a great fear in your life and it’s something you meditate over and over and you begin to speak it, you are putting yourself in danger of opening a door to have that thing in your life.”

Job said about the destruction that had happened: “that thing which I feared most has come upon me.” As we know, Job was probably the greatest example in scripture of a man who literally had everything and went to absolutely nothing. Everything was stripped away from him: his home, his children, his lands, his cattle, his health… but his wife, the gripe, pointed her finger at him and told him to give up and just curse God and die. (What a woman…)

But in the end, because Job chose to stay faithful with these famous words “Though God slay me, yet will I trust Him,” (Job 13:15) God brought it all around: Job ended up with twice what he’d had previously.

Secretly though, according to this passage and by Job’s own admission, Job had a fear that all his stuff would be taken away and his children would die. And the only real way to combat fear is with faith. Change your fear into faith. Take that thing which you most fear and lay it before God (but don’t voice it aloud) — examine all the worst possibilities that could happen if that thing were to happen, and envision God Himself with you through that thing, carrying you. And you’ll see that fear truly should have no hold on you because fear does not come from God. Activate your faith with power words like “I will not fear,” and get that into your spirit. You’ll find Him there, honoring His Word and your faith. The fear has to go.

“In Jesus’ name, I bring my worst fears to You, God, laying them before You. I will not let any fear find residence in my mind or heart, because I’m Yours. Amen.”