August 26, 2015

“For He will give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

He can keep us! There’s truly no reason to live life full of regrets when we give Him our lives early in childhood. We can stay close to Him, and He will honor us! When we choose Him, our lives can be so very full, from beginning to end.

Some think you have to go “work on your testimony” — get out and try the things of the world in order to be able to come back to God’s people and tell them all the bad stuff you did. That’s sick, and it’s a distorted view of what Jesus came to do. He came to keep us from all of it! Sure, there are those with powerful stories of deliverance and freedom. Thank God! But should those love Him more? No, those who’ve known His goodness and love every day of their lives… who’ve walked with Him and seen His beautiful hand of protection over them every moment (because somebody prayed) have just as much reason to give thanks.

He wants to keep us all our days. Let Him.