We’re a community-oriented, community-loving church. It’s the mission of Legacy Church to leave legacy everywhere we go–our homes, our schools, and our jobs–through our smiles, kind words, acts of compassion, and service to others.

What We Value

Eminence (that’s a big word for importance) of Jesus Christ

1. His Person-He will be welcomed, worshiped, honored, listened to, and talked to at Legacy Church.
2. His Word-His Word will be what we live by, what we teach, and what we proclaim.
3. His Body-His Body will be valued, cared for, and equipped to do what Jesus does.

Encounters with a personal God and his body
Because it is only God who will change us, we offer people God-crafting experiences– where people surrender their lives to Jesus, learn to be the leaders they’ve been created to be, learn to live life for eternity’s sake, learn to give, pray, love His Word, and serve– all in the context of a joint connection with other believers on the same journey.

Expressions of compassion as modeled by Jesus.
We will love like Jesus loves and do what He does. When we do this, we leave legacy behind. Jesus ran after the lost, preached freedom to the captive, fed the hungry, healed the sick, and raised the dead.

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